Mozilla Webmaker Party – DSCE Firefox Club

This was my dream event. 😀 You know why? All these days, I used to attend Webmaker parties organised in other Firefox Clubs. But, for the first time we organized it in our Club. 🙂 Also this is our first Mozilla event in our club. 😀

Our department had a Technical fest “iRis“, we thought this would be the right time to start our club and conduct our first event. Just few days before our event we had a session on Bugzilla and FSA meet-up @MozSpaceBLR. I raised this topic to discuss with them regarding the planning and the executing of this event. They all pitched in few ideas to get started with our event.

I mailed the plan of our event to Shreyas Narayana Kutty (@dunebuggie) and invited him to come down here and talk about Mozilla missionHow to contribute to mozilla?, webmaker tools, webmaker application on smartphone along with us. Sheyas without thinking anything, he just said YES, he would love to come here and take up this session.

Mozilla Webmaker Party Cooming Soo… @ DSCE – Firefox Club.

As soon as he confirmed that he would come and take up this session we started to create a hype in our college by sharing the “Coming Soon…” poster across social medias. Students became very curious to know more about this since this was the first mozilla event in our college and the poster also contained the logo of Firefox and Mozilla Communities.

After few days we released the Final poster of the event which contained all the details regarding the event.


Many students were bit confused since they didn’t knew about Webmaker tools. They started to ask us whether we have arranged a DJ to this party? 😀 😀 😀

I shared a video which I made few weeks before through PopcornMaker  and also a screenshot of a webpage which I modified through X-ray Goggles. This was also our 2nd version of teaser to the event.


On 30th March, 2015.

Shreyas along with his friend shivika arrived at our college by 1.30 p.m. We started our session by 2.00 p.m. Shreyas spoke about Mozilla mission, How to contribute to Mozilla ? and about webmaker tools. He also showed them the demo of these Webmaker tools. He gave them a theme – ICC Cricket World Cup based on that students started to work on it. We gave them 60 minutes of time to complete there work. After this Shivika spoke about “WoMoz” to the students.


Since this was the first time students were working on webmaker tools, they did quite well. We appreciated them by giving Firefox and Webmaker Stickers. YaY! They loved these awesome stickers.

At last but not the least, I would like to thank Shreyas and his co-spreaker Shivika for helping us in organizing this event. Also, My Mozilla Bangalore Community (@MozSpaceBLR) for all kind support. 🙂

We would be coming up with more and more events like this in up-coming days!

#TeachTheWeb #RockTheWeb #Mozilla #Webmaker #MozIris


FSA meet-up @MozSpaceBLR

join-mozillaThis meet-up took place just after the Bugzilla session which we had it on 15th March, 2015 @ MozSpaceBLR (Mozilla – Bangalore Community Space). There were FSAs present from different Firefox clubs like DSCE – Firefox Club, PESIT South Campus Firefox Club, CMRIT Firefox Club and other clubs. The first agenda of the meet-up was to discuss regarding the present activities of all the Firefox clubs. FSAs spoke about their respective club activities. The 2 main activities which would be coming-up are : 

Discussion regarding Club activities.


1. Inaugration and Press release of CMRIT Firefox Club (Moziety)

Since this Firefox club was formed recently, the management of this college wanted to share about this with the press which would published in newspaper. So they needed someone from the Mozilla community to be at the press release and also to talk about Mozilla.

2. Webmaker party at DSCE – Firefox Club

This is my club. 😛 We are planning to have a Webmaker party in our club by end of this month (march). We have already started to create a hype in the college by releasing the “Coming Soon..” poster regarding this. We discussed about this with all other FSAs. They all helped us in planning for this event and told us about how to get started with it. They even suggested few new ideas to make this event more fun.

Mozilla Webmaker Party Coming Soon… @DSCE Firefox Club.

Thanks to all the FSAs who were present and made this meet-up successful. 🙂

Bug-Bug Bugzilla

“Defect-free Software does not exist”

– Wietse Venema (Dutch Programmer)

That’s very much true. The mistakes unknowingly committed by programmer while coding are known as bugs. Hence, it is impossible for a bug-free software to exist. The duty of the Software tester is to test the software and file those bug.

If you have some free time, you can test any open source software and file bugs.

Hold on!!! How will you report those bugs to those organizations ? You will mail them ? Report it on GitHub ?

No, that’s not a correct procedure to the file bugs!

We have Bugzilla – it’s a web-based general purpose bug-tracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project.


On 15th March, 2015

It was time for me to share my knowledge about Bugzilla along with Abhiram and Abhishek at MozSpaceBLR (Mozilla – Bangalore Community Space). Abhiram was the one who taught us to file bugs on bugzilla at FSMK office during FOSS Contribution drive (month of january). Since I knew the professional way of filing bugs, I started to test the software regularly and file the bugs.

Bugzilla by abhiram
Abhiram talking about BMO.

At 5:00 p.m all the FSAs and other students who were interested in this session arrived at MozSpace. Abhiram started the session by giving an introduction to BMO. He highlighted about Bug Bounty Program which was the most interesting part. After understanding How exactly the Bugzilla works it was time for us to start testing the software and look for bugs. 😀

Bugzilla by abhishek.
Abhishek helping in installing Firefox nightly.

Before that Abhishek helped them in installing the Firefox Nightly browser on there systems. Firefox Nightly is a browser which gets updated every single night. After installing the browser we created a new test profile to start testing it.

Bugzilla by Sagar.
That’s me, demoing the bugs. 😛

I showed them the demo of few bugs which I had filed it few weeks before, along with it I even explained the procedure to file a bug not only for the Firefox browser but also for the other products/components/services of the Mozilla. After this, everyone in the room started to make their hands dirty just to search for bugs. It’s not so easy to find bugs. You need be very innovative, like me. 😛


Since Galaxy said those who find bugs would get a Firefox badge the we all started to stare at our laptop screen seriously to find bugs. 😀

Firefox Badge.

Just some of them were successful in filing the bugs. But, at the end we all got the badges! Hurray!!

Photos of this sessions are here : Bugzilla sessions’s photos