Fedora 21 Release Party, Bangalore, India.

                        Fedora 21 Cake

    I had finished with my exams and was enjoying holidays. I got a mail from my friend inviting to the Fedora 21 Release Party @RedHat office in Bangalore. I saw surprised by the mail, thinking “Does Fedora community exists in Bangalore?”

I, being a FOSS enthusiastic, using GNU/Linux based OS. I thought I should attend this event. We have a GNU/Linux Users’ Group in my college(GLUG), I informed all my friends to attend this event.

The Event was Scheduled on 10th January, 2015 at RedHat office in Bangalore. I had visited RedHat office once before. RedHat office is a nice place for FOSS enthusiastics to hang out. The event started at 10.30 A.M (IST) with the introduction to FOSS, LINUX, and Fedora by Archit Sharma . The introduction session got over quickly. Then we had cake cutting party of Fedora 21. The celebration went on well, everyone enjoyed too. 🙂


      Later, Ratnadeep Debnath who was the fedora student ambassador told us about the new features of fedora 21. We all were very much excited listening about these features.

Neependra Khare, explained about the Project Atomic on Fedora. Highlighting about virtualization, containers, Dockers, etc. This talk was little much complex to understand about it. But, Neependra Khare tried his best to explain it well. At the end we all got an idea about it.

                 All about Fedora Project

At 11.30 A.M, we had a small break to have snacks. The veg-roll was very tasty.

Sayan Chowdhury along with Ratnadeep Debnath, explained about “How we could contribute to fedora?”. Sayan Chowdhury was really amazing. He explained about “What is fedora project?”, “How to join fedora project?”, “Tools which are required Communication, Collaboration, Packaging, Artwork, infrastructure”. He showed us quite many IRC channels where developers, designers, community people would be there to help us anytime. He also told us about his experience about in few fedora projects. He also spoke about flock for sometime.

This talk was really amazing which motivated me to start contributing to fedora projects. So, I’m beginning to contriubute to fedora community starting with this blog. This is my first blog in 2015 🙂
Thanks a ton! Sayan Chowdhury.

                       rmp packaging

Sinny Kumari, took a session on “How to build rpm packages for fedora?”. She showed us a demo of building a “Hello world!” package from the scratch, showing us each and every steps. She explained it very well which again motivated me to start building packages for fedora. 🙂

Fedora DVD and Sticker
         Fedora DVD and Sticker

     The time was around 1.30 P.M, we had all kinds of discussion regarding fedora. The above mentioned people helped us in solving all kinds of doubts regarding fedora. They gave us a fedora 21 bootable DVD and a fedora sticker.

This was a memorable day, which turned my mind to the world of fedora and start contributing towards it in upcoming days. 🙂