What I did this winter ?

The reason I’m documenting these stuff is because I did quite a lot of useful things. 🙂

I love the web

In 4th semester I used to play with HTML5 and CSS3. I had learned frameworks like Bootstrap and Material design. But now it was time to work on it professionally. Before I wasn’t following the right practice of using these frameworks. I learned how to add my own custom CSS properties by adding a new file and how to make use of !important declaration in it.

Before I used to work only Firefox browser.
Now, I test the web page even on other browsers like google chrome, internet explorer. YES, you read it right – INTERNET EXPLORER. Just because there are people who still use it.


I had worked on JavaScript and bit on AngularJS, NodeJS.
This time, I used the jQuery library for creating simple animations, validations, front end apps like calculator, etc.
(I’ll build one simple app and share the link here.)


I watched several videos on REST API. You can find good collection of videos here – https://javabrains.io/courses/javaee_jaxrs

This site is too cool – http://rest.learncode.academy/
You can practice what you have learned here.
This video gives a short and sweet explanation on API – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODlgfpLsFGk


Scrapy is a python framework for web scraping. I got to know about this while watching Pycon – Montreal 2015 video. I’m planning to build a small search engine out of it.


New techniques.

Freedom Hack – A hackathon in memory of Aaron Swartz

I’m yet to blog on this.

DuckDuckHack Global Quack and Hack

This was a special event to me. I have made a blog post on this. You can read it here.

#SaveTheInternet – Netneutrality

The protest which we made against Free basics was featured in most of the newspapers like Deccan herald, Times of India, Vijaya Karnataka. Lot other online news media portals including Forbes had used our protest photo in their articles.


Don’t know whether to write it here or not. The number of pizzas I have eaten in past 2 – 3 months is damn high. 😀


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