Good things come to those who wait

The past 2 months was very hard to live. I just used to tell myself –

“It’s just a bad time, not a bad life.”

I used to study well. I had scored 80% in my 10th and 12th. Even in the initial stage of my engineering also I was studying well. I had scored distinction in my first semester too. But later on from the 2nd year of B.E, I didn’t take academics very seriously. I concentrated more on Free and Open source software, learning programming languages and other technologies, sharing knowledge. We also had GNU/Linux user’s group (GLUG) in our college. We usually conduct the session on free/open source software on all Saturdays. The GLUG was awesome, I enjoyed more by learning new things. I started to build new things myself. Lots of stuff. On the other side, I started to score less in my academics.

My 6th sem results gave me a shock, I failed in UNIX subject!
I had not expected this. I was very good in Linux since I was also part of my GLUG.
These things are very common in VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University). Their evaluation is too bad. There are many such cases where students answer papers are not evaluated properly.
The only hope I had was to apply for revaluation so that I pass.

Our placements usually start from the 7th semester.
Most of the companies(MNCs – service based) who visit campus for hiring students ask aggregate of 60% up to current semester and no current backlogs.
I had an aggregate of 60%, also a current backlog (UNIX).

I was not allowed to take up placements since I had a backlog. I didn’t care much since I didn’t have much interest in working at service based companies.
Around 90% of my classmates were already placed, still, my re-evaluation results were not yet out. Where ever I go, whomever I meet, all used to ask me about placements!
Well, I used to tell them I have a backlog and not eligible for placements.

I had one thing in my mind –

I might have lost the opportunities, but not my hopes.

*I was little chilled.* 😛

I knew I would be placed somewhere, sometime. Maybe not immediately, but definitely. 🙂

My re-evaluation results came out – Passed. Yay! 😀
A week passed on.
I was at PyCon (Python Conference), I received a mail from placement cell regarding the next company visiting the campus for hiring.
The placement was held on just 2 days after the PyCon.
The first thing I liked about this company was, it is both a product and service based company and they were looking for a developer for their product.

It had 4 rounds. Aptitude, coding, extempore, technical and HR combined.

Wow, Guess what ?
Though this was my first attempt I cleared all rounds. 😀
Out of 120+ students, just 2 got selected. 🙂
Aptitude was easy, few computer science based questions were are asked in this round.
The coding round was easy too. I was able to solve most of it.
Extempore was just a 2 min talk on a random topic.
Technical and HR round went around 30-40 mins. I was able to satisfy them with my answers. 🙂
They asked a lot of puzzles. It was a bit hard to crack it in the small period of time.
It was my presence of mind, which helped me to crack all those. The way I approach to solve the problem matters a lot.

I should have been blessed to work here. 🙂

Good things come to those who wait, so never loose your hope. 🙂

Edit : [04.12.2015]
I received my offer letter today! 🙂

I’m interning there since a month.


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