Quack and Hack, Bangalore – 2

On 5th July 2015, 11 AM IST DuckDuckGo Bangalore Community hosted their 2nd meet-up and hackathon at the Mozilla community space.


Quack & Hack are for developers interested in contributing to the DuckDuckGo search engine. The purpose of the meet-up is to code open source “Instant Answers” for a variety of search topics. These “Instant Answers” will help users find results in few or zero clicks. Some examples are instantly finding out , who’s in space right now, the best reese’s cookie recipes, or even a regex cheat sheet.

Compared to last meet-up there were more DuckDuckGo enthusiasts this time. (Around 30-40)
Since there were few who didn’t know about DuckDuckGo, Bibhas started with an introductory talk on DuckDuckGo, mentioning about all it’s features like instant answers, bangs, privacy.

Housefull. 🙂

I enjoyed the hackathon more since I had some previous experience on the building instant answers, I was helping other folks.
I also showed a live demo of building instant answers. It was gmail cheat sheet.

Live demo of building Instant answer – cheat sheet.

This time we had some pizzas and soda at the break. 😛
After the break we continued hacking. By the end of the meet-up there were few folks who were able to send PR to DuckDuckGo. 🙂
Also, even I completed my cheat sheet and sent the PR. 🙂

Hacking on Instant answers.

At last we had a group picture. 🙂

We didn’t had enough space inside, we came out just to take a group pic. 🙂

Enjoyed a lot. Will be waiting for next DuckDuckHack meet-up. 😀


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