FSA meet-up @MozSpaceBLR

join-mozillaThis meet-up took place just after the Bugzilla session which we had it on 15th March, 2015 @ MozSpaceBLR (Mozilla – Bangalore Community Space). There were FSAs present from different Firefox clubs like DSCE – Firefox Club, PESIT South Campus Firefox Club, CMRIT Firefox Club and other clubs. The first agenda of the meet-up was to discuss regarding the present activities of all the Firefox clubs. FSAs spoke about their respective club activities. The 2 main activities which would be coming-up are : 

Discussion regarding Club activities.


1. Inaugration and Press release of CMRIT Firefox Club (Moziety)

Since this Firefox club was formed recently, the management of this college wanted to share about this with the press which would published in newspaper. So they needed someone from the Mozilla community to be at the press release and also to talk about Mozilla.

2. Webmaker party at DSCE – Firefox Club

This is my club. 😛 We are planning to have a Webmaker party in our club by end of this month (march). We have already started to create a hype in the college by releasing the “Coming Soon..” poster regarding this. We discussed about this with all other FSAs. They all helped us in planning for this event and told us about how to get started with it. They even suggested few new ideas to make this event more fun.

Mozilla Webmaker Party Coming Soon… @DSCE Firefox Club.

Thanks to all the FSAs who were present and made this meet-up successful. 🙂


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