Scrollbackers meet up – Bangalore.



      This was the first meet up conducted by the Scrollback Campus Ambassadors(SCAs) for all the Scrollbackers @BANGALORE region. It was a bit challenging task for us, since we were organizing it for the first time.

                Poster for the meet up.

     Myself and other few SCAs (Amrutha, Sam, Tushara) took the initiative to organise this meet-up. We planned to have this meet-up at the end of the November, most probably on 29th or 30th so that our lab externals would have got over and many of SCAs and Buddies could come up. We just had 2 days in hand to organise this meet up. We had a discussion regarding the date, time and venue which has to be convenient to all. We decided to have it on 29th November @Collab House. I created an etherpad for it, so that we all can update on it simultaneously. Amrutha, Sam, Tushara helped me by contacting all other SCAs and making them fill the etherpad . It was duty of SCAs to make sure even their buddies have also filled it. I created a poster for the event and shared with SCAs and buddies through our Facebook group and E-mail.

     After seeing the response on etherpad I had a mixed emotions. Most of them had filled it, but they said they can’t attend this meet-up. 😦

     Only few number Scrollbackers had confirmed that they would be coming. But we still din’t give up. We had a hope that they would turn up. 🙂

29th November.

     Though I was not much familiar with the exact location of collab house, I was able to reach their on time. (Thanks to Google maps) By 11.15 few other SCAs also arrived the collab house. There were 6 of us and we were waiting for Priyanka and Gaurav. Until they come we were chatting and taking few pictures. 😛


     Priyanka and Gaurav also arrived, we all sat together and continued chatting *NOTHING RELATED TO SCROLLBACK*. Gaurav was sharing few of his experience of his student life at IIT. All of his experience which he shared with us was really funny :D:D:D . We all were laughing out loudly 😀 . This guys is really awesome. Being an IITian he had lot of masti than others. We had lot of fun with him. 😀 😀 😀


After sometime, we started our discussion regarding the scrollback. We had lot of agendas for the day. We took each one of it and started to discuss. Agendas were about the planning for the upcoming Scrollback events, may be to have an offline or online event, may be to have a technical or non-technical event, etc. We discussed about how to improve the growth of Scrollback community. We also discussed about the structure of elevator program. Process of selecting the new buddies and the process of taking the buddies a level up as ambassadors and also for ambassadors taking them one level up as a Scrollback Leader/Mentor for the region.

     May be by 2.30 p.m all our discussion came to an end.


     Finally we all got the new T-shirt of Scrollback from Priyanka. ( I was waiting for this T-shirt since 3 months) 😛

     The T-shirt was also super cool like us. Nice design and Nice quality. 🙂


We left the collab house, had a coffee in a nearby  restaurant (We can call this as ScrollCoffee meet up too.) and we all left. 🙂

     We had a successful meet-up.



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