Facebook CLI

Most of the time I would love to stick on to my terminal rather using GUI.

Last time I had tried Telegram CLI. This time I’m back with Facebook CLI.

I know you may not believe for the first time if I tell you that I updated my facebook status through terminal of my ubuntu 14.04 😀 But trust me, it is possible and I did it just now. 🙂

To do this we need to have a fbcmd application which gives you a command line interface for facebook.

Chill 😀 I will teach you to install this in a easy way

You need to have php installed in your system to do this.

If you don’t have, install it by typing the following command in your terminal :

(copy Ctrl+c and to paste on terminal use Ctrl+Shift+v)

$ sudo apt-get install php5 php5-cli

Download fbcmd.zip from the this link.

Note: make sure you have kept the downloaded file in home folder and Unzip the file.

You are almost done. 🙂

Now get into that folder.

$ cd fbcmd

To complete the installation you need to execute following 2 commands :

$ sudo php fbcmd_update.php

$ sudo php fbcmd_update.php install

That’s it. 🙂

You are done with installing. 🙂

To begin type fbcmd:

$ fbcmd

The application needs to be authorized to access your Facebook account.

So follow these 4 steps to do this:

Step 1: Allow initial access to your acount via this url, execute this command :

$ fbcmd go access

You will see the following screen:


Step 2: Generate an offline authorization code, execute:

$ fbcmd go auth

You will see the following 2 screens:


Step 3: After you get your authorization code (XXXXXX), execute:

$ fbcmd auth XXXXXX

Step 4: Most FBCMD commands require additional permissions. To grant default permissions, execute

$ fbcmd addperm

Yay! You are done now. 🙂

Learn to play with it by executing this command :

$ fbcmd help

I know you are excited. 😀

First update your status :

$ fbcmd status “I’m updating this status from the terminal of my ubuntu…. 😀 Next time I will tag you all :D”



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