After reading this blog post, you will definately understand what made me to give the title as “Scrollback is Awesome”.


Why did I give the title as Scrollback is Awesome?

1. Scrollback is an open source text chat service. I being a FOSS enthusiast, I would love to contribute to this project. So, anyone from any part of the world can also contribute to this project.

2. As per my knowledge it is not an easy decision for anyone to put out their company’s source code in public. Hats off to the founders of Scrollback (Arvind Ravi Sulekha & Gaurav Srivastava). These two really have a braveheart.

3. The user interface of Scrollback chat rooms are amazing. You won’t feel bored at all. 🙂 . But I’m waiting to see few smileys out there. If not they, I’ll only try to add some simleys since the source code is available. 😀

4. It is user-friendly. You need not sign-up nor sing-in. Usually other social network like Facebook, Twitter etc. asks you to sing-up. But in Scrollback. You need not to do it. Just jump in to chat room and start chating. This helps in maximum participation in the chat rooms.

5. Once you enter the chat room, you will be automatically assigned a funny nick name. :D. You can also change you nickname by singing-in through Persona or Facebook.

6. Scrollback allows you to create your own chat rooms and have fun in your community. 🙂 And it is free. (free as in both freedom and cost) 😉

7. You can integrate the IRC channel with Scrollback. Before we used to have our online meets @ IRC, but from past 1 month (time at which we were introduced to Scrollback) we are you using Scrollback chat room which has been integrated with our IRC channel. So all those who are fed up of using IRC, you must use Scrollback from now onwards.

8. You can even integrate with twitter hashtags. It will bring those tweets instantly  into your room.

9. Scrollback chat rooms can also be embedded in your websites. Once you create your own chat room, in configure settings you will get the HTML/CSS source code for your chat room. You can just copy and paste it in your HTML file. A small chat box will be created in your webpage which will be linking to your chat room. By creating a local host I tried this in my webpage and it really works awesome. If you are a web developer you must try this. 🙂

10.  Suppose you had an online meet in an IRC channel and due to some reason you arrived to the meet a bit late. You will be not knowing what all had been discussed before you come. If you had integrated that IRC channel to a Scrollback chat room, all the things which were discussed before would have been stored there. You can just Scrollback and go through it.

11. If you observe properly the logo of our Scrollback is similar to an elevator.  😀 😀 😀
sounds funny, but it’s true. It will similar to the elevator.

12. Scrollback has a  program for Scrollback Campus Ambassadors named as “Elevator program”. Even this program is similar to an elevator. 😀

I hope by now you would have understood “What made me to give the title – Scrollback is Awesome?”


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