LINUX is funnn.

LINUX is funnn”

LINUX is funnn”

LINUX is fnnnn”

LINUX is funnn”

LINUX is funnn”

This post is just to have fun with the terminal of LINUX. 😀 😀 😀

I feel it’s better you open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute commands along with me.


1. I’m running these commands on my Ubuntu 14.04.

2. To get more details for the following commands, man (an interface to the on-line reference manuals) it.

3. Most of these commands need to be interrupted mannualy. Use Ctrl+c to interrupt it.

4. To copy the commands from browser select the command and use the shortcut key Ctrl+c.

5. To paste the commands on the terminal use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shit+v.

Okay. 🙂

Let’s start our jounery now. 🙂

I’ll will give a call to Railway department to send us a train soon, so that we can start our journey.

$ sudo apt-get instal sl

$ sl


Yay!!! Train is on the way.

That was cool, right?

To know more details and to have more fun with this train contact the following command :

$ man sl

man is an amazing person in LINUX he will help you in all suitations. You won’t find woman in terminal ( Try $ woman sl). You will see how man can help in further commands.

Let’s go to my favourite command xcowsay. 😉

This cow speaks. [surprising]

$ sudo apt-get install xcowsay

$ xcoway Hello



Just a minute. I will call her friend now.

$ sudo apt-get install cowsay

yey cow, where are you ?”

$ cowsay “Hey, Sagar”


Hiiii. 😉

where did tux go?

$ xcowsay -d *file_name*

$ xcowsay -d tux.png


Hiiii Tux. You are looking funny today. :D:D:D

What are you doing?”

$ cowsay -f tux “Hi, I’m working on my project. I’m busy. I need to go. Bye.”


Bye, Bye tux, cow.


Do you know thier is command called “toilet” ?

Let us see, what it will do?

$ sudo apt-get install toilet

$ toilet Hiii


WoW!!! It displays large colourful characters.

Have you ever watched a show named “Tom & Jerry” on cartoon-network?

I used to laugh soo much 😀 😀 😀

Try oneko command it’s simillar to that show.

$ sudo apt-get install oneko

Get ready. Hands on mouse please. 😛 Make sure tom dosen’t catch jerry. 😀

$ oneko


 Rofl:D 😀 😀rofl

Their is a command to put fire on your system.(Not actually)

$ sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

$ sudo aafire


Your system is looking red hot. 🙂 Keep burning it. 😀

Next command, cmatrix.

This pattern reminds me about the movie “The Matrix”.(Neo, Morphus)

$ sudo apt-get install cmatrix

$ cmatrix


Keep looking at it. You can see your name passing in middle. 😛

Kidding. 😀

Enough of fun. Now, just copy and paste the following commands.

(To paste on terminal Ctrl+Shift+v)

$ yes “Sagar, You are the man _/\_ “


Note: If you try to replace the word sagar with any other word the command might not work and your lappy may get hanged. Execute at your own risk. 😀

Next, espeak

$ sudo apt-get install espeak

Make sure that the volume of the system is maximum, or else the command may not work effectively.

$ espeak “Sagar_You_are_awesome”

It’s show time on telnet.

$ telnet


( No need to install anything, but you need to have an working internet connection.)

While I was learning all these funny commands I noticed a command named Fork bomb.

They told that it is a very nasty piece of code. This command will utilizes all the system resource and system hangs. I dint tried this command since my laptop is quite new.

The command is :

$ :(){ :|:& }:

If you are brave and want to take risk try it and please comment the result below. I’m very curious to know about it.

That’s it. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

There are many more funny commands like these.

Click here to see more. 😛


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